Retail shop using Kenwood PMR446 digital radios

Retail Shops

KENWOOD walkie talkies allow store management, retail staff, stock controllers and security teams to communicate discretely and effectively with the aim of reducing stock loss, improving productivity and delivering better customer service.

Whatever the size and type of retail operation, you can be sure that KENWOOD offers a radio communications system with voice or voice and data capabilities, to meet your needs.
KENWOOD license free ProTalk PMR446 digital and analogue radio systems have been employed in retail operations for many years in applications as diverse as high-end boutiques to the largest supermarkets and shopping centres.
Now, with the introduction of NEXEDGE® two way radio systems and equipment in stand-alone systems or trunked network confi gurations, retail operations can benefi t from the higher quality reception, increased effective range and additional safety and security features that digital two-way radio brings.

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